Chandigarh 10K

After my recovery from pneumonia, I had kept myself mindful about what I eat, how much I sleep and how much I exert. A hike in Ladakh in March (too coolldd), gave me a lot of confidence but I returned with a chest pain. Doctor's checkup revealed nothing but exertion, so I remained careful for couple of more months.

It was an evening in May when I ended up playing frisbee for 2 hours with the local team. That was by far the best feeling ever, i ran, i scored, i jumped and i sweat! And i returned back, careful again to re-hydrate and eat properly. It was all good next day.. no looking back now, I CAN RUN!

I landed in Ladakh 15 days later, same strolling again this year, but this time no skipping meals, and very careful about what I inhale (avoid as much the ubiquitous dust), hydrate and multivitamins.

I was back in plains, registered for a 10K in the most beautiful city.

The run
Unlike my earlier runs, I did not practice, I did not sleep much the night before, there were no carbs I took before the run and I was tired from my journey from Delhi last evening. I decided to take it slow and just complete. At the start line I met a running couple (Bikram and his wife) in 40s I guess. They were too planning to go slow so I tagged along. As we started, I could see them already striving and it was hard for me to catch up, but I persisted and kept going, with some songs playing in my head. It was a long stretch, through the greens, the CM office, the rock garden. Then we took the first right turn, I was little amazed to look at my Strava, we already done above 2.5Km which was quite relaxing coz I wasn't tired a bit. I then thought to speed it up a little, but then another thought came, let me first cross 5K and then try anything special. I kept myself behind Bikram and drafted away the wind for next 3K or so.

draft draft

It was same loop repeat after 5K. I now sped up a bit, but very soon had a pee call now. I knew exactly where to answer that, the bushes I observed during my start. Bikram and his wife ran past, but I found this girl with big headphones going at a decent pace. I drafted with her till the last mile. We overtook Bikram also and then during the last 700mt or so, I pushed my remaining energy banks. I sped beyond the girl to the finish line, with no one welcoming or cheering the finishers. A banana and a juice later, I gathered my thoughts, the happiness that was there that morning was not parallel to any I had earlier.
very very consistent


I was least interested in collecting the medal, but too happy to finish the run in about 1:08, that was much beyond what I imagined I would achieve. Had a long long session of stretching my heated up muscles, I knew it mattered the most to recover. I was feeling so dehydrated and hungry the full day, do not remember when did I felt like this last. I reached my family by noon so everything was taken care off.


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